Our team of lawyers attend to our clients' most stressful and difficult negotiations to ensure a process that is

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Commercial Law

As commercial activity once again picks up in the domestic market there is an increased need for comprehensive legal agreements. The old adage that you do not get what you deserve, but rather what you negotiate is particularly apt in the area of commercial agreements.

This area requires not only a detailed knowledge of the law and established precedents, but perhaps even more importantly a strong commercial aptitude to effectively and efficiently close the deal. Our team of lawyers advise on the following:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Finance – private equity and venture capital investments
  • Leveraged Buy Outs
  • General Corporate Governance
  • Shareholder and Joint Venture Agreements
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Corporate Restructures

Our team of lawyers work with companies at all stages of development and presently work with both fledgling starts ups and publicly listed companies.

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