Our team of lawyers attend to our clients' most stressful and difficult negotiations to ensure a process that is

Calm, Considered and Confidential

Commercial Litigation

Our team of lawyers have a wealth of experience in this area and have been involved in some of the largest cases to come before the Commercial Court. Our team have successfully brought actions in the Supreme and High Courts as well countless applications to the Court of Appeal.  Litigation can be an immensely difficult process for clients and we recognise that disputes are often won or lost by the degree of diligence and attention dedicated to a particular dispute.  

Our office distinguishes itself by pursuing every available remedy in the arsenal of a trial lawyer from fast injunctive relief, to full plenary hearings and even extending to complex judicial reviews.   Our immediate goal before the Courts is always to resolve matters as expeditiously as possible and we will explore every available avenue to compel a cost effective result.

In appropriate circumstances our team of lawyers can similarly guide you through alternative dispute resolutions processes and we have appeared in both international courts of arbitration as well domestic forums of mediation.

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